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I lost weight on this diet several months ago and never did put any back on again.This is the first time in my life I have been able to lose weight, while eating and being usually satisfied.By the end of her 3rd month, she said she had lost ALL of her baby weight plus a few more pounds.Comprehensive: All meals are provided for breakfast, lunch and evening meal.I just had the chicken alfredo, and the closest thing I can liken the smell to is sweaty tennis shoes.I cook homemade meals (largely organic, fresh) almost every night for my family, so I am not a processed food eater usually, and I like the food.

I see that kind of fluctuation normally, so if after another week I plan to cancel and try something else.It can be caused by increased fiber (from the food) holding fluid in the digestive tract which is released soon enough as the body gets used to the additional fiber in the diet.Well, the next 3 weeks my weight only dropped another 4 lbs and I ended the month at 131.That means the more you make your body work, the faster the excess fat is used up.

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This popular brand is known for its different weight loss programs and offers affordable diet shakes.With this program. Love it. No its not the best tasting but OK.You offer allot of fantastic tips on getting in shape this way.The first few days were not as bad as I thought they would be.I love the convenience of not having to make alot of decisions.Adding extra food: You are encouraged to add fresh veggies and protein sources to the meals.I started on nutrisystem 2 weeks ago and I am so happy with the program.

Like the previous commenter Rudy, I just completed week 2 of the basic mens plan and was stunned when I lost 5lbs in the first 6 days.I read a lot of comments here and most are pretty positive about it.Unfortunately, there are some people that buy the first month and enjoy the nice discount plus free shipping and then try to cancel without paying for the second month.Because the food is NOT horrible or bad tasting for most users.I have always worked really hard to try to be thin, but, have gained 10 lbs over the past few months that will NOT come off.

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I have tried dieting, but wind up sick to death of grilled chicken and salad after a month.I just make sure to drink a big glass of water BEFORE I eat and one after to help with the hunger.

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Because I am not getting fruit in my diet or dairy I have added a lot of vitamins.

I found that after just the first bite or two the food does taste better and adding seasoning helps too.I finished 3 months on Nutrisystem just before Christmas after I shrunk from a size 18 to a size 10.The best way to lose weight is to cook your food from scratch.

Alternatively, you could try phoning customer support and explain your situation.To all those folks I see writing in an saying they hated it or the food was processed and tasted bad, you should of read and understood what you were buying before you bought it.I am 43-year-old male, I weighed 268 when I started, and my strength was about 280 on benchpress and 295 on squat.In the first month that I have been on the program I have dropped 24.2 lbs doing some extra exercise on the side which is recommended but not required for success.I also talked with the customer service rep about sodium as that is a concern with my blood pressure.Nutrisystem offers a subscription-based dieting plan that works by providing you with ready-to-eat meals specifically formulated to restrict calorie.I have already lost weight and am learning why I have been overweight through this program.It has a lot to do with people thinking that because they can remain anonymous, they can say what they like about anyone else.Thank you NS. 30 years of weight struggles and finally a solution.

Then take a moment to find out more about how this can work for you if you decide that its right for you.How Long Does Nutrisystem Food Stay Good. 5th 2012 26 7 i calorie negative generate.Hey Beck, thanks for saying so and congrats on losing 4 pounds so far.You see, I tried NS a year ago and I was pretty amazed that I lost almost 15lbs in a month on the diet.

I bought the 5 day Home-style kit from Walmart while waiting on my 7 day trial kit from NS.Nutrisystem is a processed food diet that comes out of packets.I really did lose 5lbs my first week and another 3 in my second.Most customers take the time to read the disclaimer and are aware of the obligation.

The first month I lost around 30 lbs and then the next two months around twenty each.They are very friendly, very helpful and willing to take whatever time I needed on the phone.Lunch and dinners very small portions and a little spicey but tolerable.As you read through this review and get more and more excited, your heart beats faster and you can see yourself succeeding with this amazing, easy and convenient dieting system.They will delete silly threads that have jokes about viagra or something but they will let anyone verbally attack anyone else.This is the first diet I have been on where i do not have to make a ton of choices and I feel totally satisfied all day long.I am only slightly hungry when I go to bed at night, but Never during the day.It is free when you pay full price for the plan, but if you take the discount then it is deducted from any refund if you cancel before taking delivery of at least two months worth of food.Okay, I hijacked your comments you can have them back now, but some things just have to be said.

Some nights (after a day of strict Nutrisystem foods) are very tough with gas, cramping stomach and the funny part is that I ate a lot of fruit and veggies prior to this and the only real things I have given up are choclate and wine.So I got to wondering why some folks are finding it so tough and hate the food so much.I had weight loss surgery 3 years ago where my heaviest I weighed 276 lbs and my lowest 167lbs.Nutrisystem Lose 40 Pounds How Long - Detox Diet Articles Nutrisystem Lose 40 Pounds How Long Juicing Detox Tips Master Cleanse Detox.My husband also works 12 hour shifts as a supervisor and my youngest is also a nurse working 12 hour shifts.Last year I did a 1200 cal diet and lost 10lbs in 1 month alone, but it involved hours of figuring out what 3oz of chicken looked like and etc.

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I have tried the Nutrisystem diet recently and for me it worked extremely well.He never tried to talk me into not canceling, he did offer a few suggestions on how I could try it, I said no thank you, and that was that.Well the startling news is they company is still here and the FDA does NOT have issue with their food.So while your body will physically get slimmer, your weight may not reduce as fast as you thought.My husband only needs to lose a few pounds but everyone needs a diet buddy.It does that so it can cope with a potential long haul of calorie restriction.This is true success from a diet, measured not just by the number of pounds lost but by the change in the person to continue eating healthily to keep the weight from returning.It happens particularly in those dieters who are used to a bad diet of processed and junk food.I was having trouble in my first month on Nutrisystem when I started last October.